Monday, November 3, 2008

Site Planning

“The art and science of arranging the uses of portions of land” (Harvey M. Rubenstein)
· “The art of arranging the external physical environment to support human behavior” (Kevin Lynch)
· Has been practiced since the earliest time when men studied the landscape for the best location for an agricultural field or primitive hut.
· The decision – based upon information gathered through observation and through experience gained from previous successes or failure.
· Integral part of land use planning process
· Determines the detail layout of an area of land
· Arranging an external physical environment in complete detail
· Before or part of detailed design process (depends on complexity/scale of site).

• uses
• land
• site
• structure
• space (between buildings)
• programs
• Inclusive the detail of engineering, landscaping, architecture, etc.

• from a small as: a cluster of 5 family houses, single building
• to as large as : complete new township

Saturday, November 1, 2008

~xm week farewell~

today was the cold night of da xm week....i was infront of my laptop 2 story about my sad xm week...
ive got 15ringgit to save 4 two weeks... what do u think... can u survive wif dat??? but i try to survive... but this survival wasn't at the end yet... even i'm facing the hectic xm week, i've force myself to eat maggi all day long... my hp also didn't working coz i cant hear what people talkin... maybe da speaker was broken... it have been much worst bcoz i'm not affordable to top up my hp...pity on me...