Thursday, March 4, 2010

10 Resume Errors That Will Land You in the Trash

1. Don’t show peacock feathers. We all want to stand out, but don’t use weird fonts or embed images in your resume. It makes your resume look strange (not in a good way) and might not even render the way you expect on someone else’s PC.

2. Omit the references. Including references on the resume itself says that you needed it for page filler, or you just don’t understand how the system works. References should only be provided upon request.

3. Don’t write in complete sentences. And don’t, for the love of God, include full paragraphs. Write in bullets and short, impactful sentence fragments that tell your story with a minimum of reading.

4. Don’t omit the numbers. Quantify your accomplishments.

5. Don’t list your responsibilities. No one cares what your last job’s requirements were. In fact, including them sends the message that you don’t understand that your job is to provide value through accomplishments.

6. Don’t include an objective. These were recommended once, long ago, but now they’re totally passé. Objectives tend to sound insincere, are hard to map to specific roles at each company you apply to, and limit your options.

7. Spell check. It goes without saying that your resume should be completely spell checked, free of grammatical errors, and not include any unexpected references to zebras.

8. Don’t list your Yahoo or sparklemotion e-mail address. As I discussed before, keep your e-mail address professional.

9. Don’t include your picture. Not only can this come off totally unprofessional, but it poises the employer for legal exposure since the picture reveals details about your sex, age, and ethnicity. They don’t want any part of that kind of pain and will toss you in the trash.

10. Don’t get too personal. Don’t include information about your personal interests or hobbies unless it’s relevant to the role.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

bila akal berkata...

mmg biasa org buat
bila pk pasal diri sendiri,
ramai x yg buat?
muhasabah diri...
itu yg bagus!!

bukan utk mengenang kesilapan
tapi memperbaiki diri
hidup bukan sorg2
mati karang baru sorg2..

org kata berkawan biar seribu
tapi dalam beribu tu, brp org yg kita hargai???
kita x boleh nak hargai kesemuanya
sbb kita x boleh nak berada pd semua tempat pd satu masa..
klu kita x boleh nak hargai apa yg ada pd diri kita..
mcm mne kita nak hargai ap yg ad di sekeliling kita....

sbb tu bila kita ramai kawan,
berapa sgt lah yg setia...
x kira senang atau susah...
x salah berkawan...
tp yg jd sahabat ketika susah dan senang..
berapa kerat lah sgt...

tp sy percaya, sekalipun klu kita merasa susah,
berusahalah cari jln keluar
sekalipun menemui jalan buntu,
mungkin jalan tersebut tersembunyi di balik masalah itu sndiri
usah bebankan org lain dengan masalah kita..

"friends, it is very helpful when once u could lend me ur ear to listen and shoulder to cry~ because what i've had now is too painful~ remember me as u could bcoz i dont want u to feel burdened becoz of me...."