Monday, November 3, 2008

Site Planning

“The art and science of arranging the uses of portions of land” (Harvey M. Rubenstein)
· “The art of arranging the external physical environment to support human behavior” (Kevin Lynch)
· Has been practiced since the earliest time when men studied the landscape for the best location for an agricultural field or primitive hut.
· The decision – based upon information gathered through observation and through experience gained from previous successes or failure.
· Integral part of land use planning process
· Determines the detail layout of an area of land
· Arranging an external physical environment in complete detail
· Before or part of detailed design process (depends on complexity/scale of site).

• uses
• land
• site
• structure
• space (between buildings)
• programs
• Inclusive the detail of engineering, landscaping, architecture, etc.

• from a small as: a cluster of 5 family houses, single building
• to as large as : complete new township

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